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Madx exampleΒΆ

Several users have been most interested in having direct access to MAD-X inside Python instead of using models.

from cern.cpymad.madx import Madx
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt

m = Madx()'my-sequences.seq')'my-strengths.str')

m.command.beam(sequence='myseq1', particle='PROTON')
# you can also just put an arbitrary MAD-X command string here:
m.command('beam, sequence=myseq1, particle=PROTON')

table = m.twiss('myseq1')
columns = table.columns

plt.plot(columns['s'], columns['betx'])

Most of this should be self-explanatory.

Note, that many Madx instances can be constructed independently without side-effects on each other.